ThesisLink is a web application that visualizes over 50 years of metadata from undergraduate theses by New College of Florida students. It presents users with an alternative: to view undergraduate theses as objects that are associated to each other via what we call intellectual links. The landing page gives you an idea of the intellectual production of NCF undergraduate students. Navigating to the simulation page via the "Get Started" button will redirect you to the network graph. You can use the network graph to discover Areas of Concentration, identify multidisciplinary Areas of Concentration, and discover theses related to topics you are interested in. Please navigate to the Github page for more information and documentation. The project is still in its infancy.

Yearly Distributions




AOC Number of Theses
Psychology 564
Biology 466
Literature 316
Political Science 315
Economics 310
Anthropology 294
Sociology 266
Philosophy 252
Chemistry 247
General Studies 241