Assigned a digital project in class and not sure where to start? Want to make something for your club or internship? We can help at all stages of carrying out a digital humanities project, whether it involves creating a website or 3D printing. We are eager to hear your creative ideas. Email or make an appointment.


If you are interested in doing a digital project in your thesis work, we can help. We can help to plan projects, discuss possible software or hardware solutions, host websites, provide equipment and training, and more. If you would like to review previous senior projects, they are available in our online collections.

Skill and Resume Building

Digital skills, such as website building, 3D modeling, and audio editing are increasingly in demand among employers. Incorporating digital humanities into your time at NCF is a great way to integrate learning technology skills with your academic research work. Learning a new piece of software in the classroom can open up doors professionally as well.

In addition, NCF subscribes to LinkedIn Learning, a platform which includes online courses in many software packages in demand by employers (for example, the Adobe suite). You can complete courses and certificates through this platform.

To access LinkedIn Learning, go to the portal ( and click on the tile “LinkedIn Learning” to get started.