You Should See This 2 : Easy Cone, Easy Go

Happy Easter! On this episode, we discuss Eye types, pupillary shape, and photosensitive cells–all the extra-neural things that determine how an animal sees.

Link to sources and downloadable PDFs of articles:

(A) Two-zone spherical lens in which the inner zone has a shorter average focal length than the outer zone. The longitudinal chromatic aberration in the images produced by the two zones make it possible to have in-focus blue and red images in the same plane. (B) A lens as in (A) but with three chromatic zones contributing to the image. (C) The effect of a circular pupil on (B) is to eliminate the contributions of the outer zones. (D) With a slit pupil all three zones are still sampled.

Image source: Land M F. 2006. Visual Optics: The Shapes of Pupils. Current Biology. 16 (5): 167-168 .

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