I’m a neuroethologist!

I’m Dr. Liz Leininger, Assistant Professor of Biology at New College of Florida. This semester I’m teaching a course on neuroethology, but when I’m not teaching I also do neuroethology research on the neural and muscular mechanisms of frog vocalization in Xenopus frogs. Here is a photo with me and my neuroethology research students at a meeting.

Quinn, Daphne, Jas, Robyn, Kelly, and I at the 2019 SICB meeting

In my neuroethology course, students are communicating neuroethology research through blogging and podcasting. They will be writing on diverse topics such as animal domestication, climate change, behavior-altering parasites, whiskers, and more!

I will be following my students’ blog posts and adding my own thoughts, too!

-Prof. L

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