The following projects are in development

Nunneries of Bhutan Online

The Nunneries of Bhutan Online project is a project that focuses on mapping and documenting sites of monastic education in the Himalayas.

Website | Lead: Dr. Manu Lopez


Selbyana, the peer-reviewed research journal of Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, publishes original research on canopy biology and tropical plants, especially epiphytes. This peer-reviewed journal includes floristic treatments, anatomy, biogeography, cytology, ecology, phylogeny, physiology, and systematics of tropical plants. Abstracts are presented in English and Spanish when possible. Volumes have been published annually since 1975. Back issues will be made available for study on this platform.


I.M. Pei Digital Exhibit

A digital exhibit featuring primary sources from the New College of Florida Archives, celebrating I.M. Pei's contribution to the architecture of New College.


Old Guidebooks Online

Old Guidebooks Online is taking a new look at an old thing: tourist guidebooks from the 18th and 19th centuries. Tourist guidebooks were important pieces of material culture for those lucky enough to afford to travel. Evidence also sugggests that tourist guidebooks were used by communities who could not travel. For those folks, guidebooks provided them with an opportunity to imagine a city or landscape. This project tries to bring these guidebooks to life by visualizing named entities, and the paths that guidebooks offered to readers eager to explore new places. We use content in the public domain, available on platforms such as HathiTrust and the Internet Archive.

Website | Code

ThesisLink : Visualizing 50 Years of Theses Metadata

ThesisLink is a web application that visualizes over 50 years of metadata from undergraduate theses by New College of Florida students. It presents users with an alternative: to view undergraduate theses as objects that are associated to each other via what we call intellectual links. The landing page gives you an idea of the intellectual production of NCF undergraduate students.

Website | Code


OPEN@NCF is the College's repository, providing unfettered access to the research produced by New College faculty, staff, and students.


NCF Open Data Repository

New College of Florida's repository for open data


Aeolus Undergraduate Journal

New College of Florida's undergraduate student research journal



This website is the home of New College of Florida student translations. Navigate to the appropriate translations using the cards below, or visit our index for a complete list of current translations.


We currently support the following class projects

Organic Chemistry Wiki

A locally hosted, public wiki focused on organic chemistry


Religion and Pop Culture Blog

This blog is all about how religion appears in popular culture. Students writing this blog focus in on works of popular culture, such as movies, tv shows, and books, and explore how notions of religion and religiosity make their way onto the screen or page. The blog is authored by students enrolled in the Religion and Popular Culture course at New College of Florida in Spring 2019.


Neuroethology Blog

This blog is all about brains and behavior — how animal brains generate behavior, how behaviors and neural mechanisms mechanisms develop, and how and why behaviors and their mechanisms evolve. These questions are central to the discipline of neuroethology, a sub-area of neuroscience. The blog is authored by a number of students who are enrolled in an advanced Neuroethology seminar at New College of Florida in Spring 2019.