Fabric is a lightweight, open-source tool for visualizing and reporting library relationships. To get started, prepare your dataset and hit the Continue button.


The first step is to extract data from your library's internal raporting software (such as LibInsight). Fabric is not software dependant but your data has to be 2 columns: faculty member and librarian.


Make sure that the names are spelled correctly in every row, since it can cause the same person to be represented by two nodes.

(Optional) Faculty List

You can add a faculty list to color your map with faculty members' division/school. Your data has to be 2 columns: faculty member and division/school.


File Upload

In this section, you can upload the dataset you have or you can simply select one of the example datasets to experience Fabric. After selecting the dataset, you will be able to select the columns that indicate your faculty and librarians.

If you are uploading your own dataset, please make sure that you are uploading a csv file and it is comma seperated.