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Welcome this is the country wiki page for Comparative Politics Fall, 2020. It contains basic information about the political history, structure and economy of the following countries: Examples

This page is an assignment for the Fall 2020 class. Below is some basic information about the assignment:

Goals: The goal of the country wiki assignment is to build up a class wiki page that provides basic information about a variety of countries that represent different regions, regime types, and cultures. As part of this assignment each of you will familiarize yourself with a single country’s political history and institutions over the course of this semester. You will then write up short summaries of what you find as part of a wiki page covering your country.

Skills: By working through these assignments you will be practicing the following important skills:

  • Identifying reliable sources of information
  • Citing sources
  • Identifying the most important pieces of information
  • Summarizing and describing complex ideas using concise language
  • Editing and creating wiki documents

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