Psychedelic Harm Reduction at Music Festivals

A piece of art typically associated with psychedelics.

What is the Zendo Project?

The Zendo Project is an organization that attends festivals, music events, and other large gatherings to provide a space for those who are undergoing difficult psychedelic experiences, or trips. Their presence is of high value, as they hold the tools necessary to address these kinds of situations (Flemming, 2016). They provide guidance, safety, and resources that guests need in order to make the most of their experiences by encouraging exploration and open mindedness. Each team member is given training in order to act according to what any given situation presents and are typically paired with each other when helping individual guests. A significant message that their presence conveys is that safe and productive psychedelic experiences are possible without the need for law-enforcement based policies, with their more positive outcomes standing as proof of this idea. They also provide education on drug use so that fewer individuals find themselves making poor decisions as a result of not being exposed to information that could benefit them.

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