Ch-Ch-Changes: The History of Psychedelics and Decriminalization

By: Eli Smeds, Megan Delehanty, and Alexandra Andrade

History of Psychedelic Use

Psychedelics have been used ceremoniously and spiritually for centuries. Many psychedelic substances originate in plants, animals, and fungi. Such as Salvia Divinorum containing salvinorin a, Psilocybe Cubensis containing Psilocybin (metabolized into Psilocin), Mimosa Hostils bark containing N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, Bufo Alverious containing 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenin, Ergot of rye containing the precursors to LSD, morning glory seeds containing LSA, and even sassafras bark containing MDA just to name a few we’ve discovered (fascinatingly there is strong evidence to show there are more naturally occurring psychoactive substances that exist in life underwater that we’ve not yet discovered). 

Psychoactive substances occur naturally around the world, and we have been aware of these substances and their profound effect on human consciousness for centuries before us. Many of the substances listed above have we’re used ceremoniously as entheogens (meaning “becoming divine within”) in spiritual and religious ceremonies to unlock the users inner spirit and sense of spirituality. These substances have a unique effect to give the users feelings of connectedness, nothingness, loss of ego and sense of self and visualizations of entities. Through these experiences tend to be intense they are also incredibly life changing and influential to the person taking the substance.

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