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The NCF Organic Chemistry Wiki features work written by students in Professor Rebecca Black's Organic Chemistry II at New College of Florida during Spring 2019. During this term-long project, each student created a Wiki entry (or built upon an existing Wikipedia entry that had only sparse content) for an organic molecule or organic chemistry reaction of their choice. The purpose of the project was to give students the opportunity to integrate what they had learned throughout the year during their Organic Chemistry sequence by studying a molecule or reaction of interest to them. This project gave students the opportunity to gain build skills related to research and scientific literacy. For example, students learned how to search for literature articles and other sources in SciFinder or other databases, read and evaluate science articles and secondary sources, and exploring the nature of scientific publishing/access and the academic peer-review process. Students were also trained on how to write science content in plain language (Wiki-style). Before uploading their final Wiki articles, students were responsible for peer-reviewing each other's work and incorporating feedback both from the instructor and from other students into their articles.

Future NCForganic chemistry students will expand this Wiki by developing new entries, adding/linking to existing entries, and continue to edit and update entries with more recent references.


A special thanks to NCF campus partners in this project: Angie Fairweather (NCF Director of Education Technology Services), Helene Gold (NCF Librarian for Research, Instruction and Information Literacy), Cal Murgu (NCF Librarian for Research, Instruction and Digital Humanities), and Jennifer Wells (NCF Director of Writing – Writing Resource Center) for all of their help throughout the design and implementation stages of this project. Angie Fairweather supported students through the Canvas Peer-Review process, Helene Gold presented a general overview of the library chemistry research guide and database searching, Cal Murgu developed and maintained this Wiki page and helped students trouble-shoot uploading their articles, and Jennifer Wells introduced students to writing in plain language and supported students as they wrote their articles.

Technical Note

In 2019, the content from this wiki had to be moved to a new wiki instance as a result of bot spam. While student content was preserved, their accounts were not. This wiki now limits new account creation and we have taken steps to combat spam.

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